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About Us

In 2017 our creative director won a silver award from the Australian Cinematographer Society for his work on the music video 'The Clock At The Back Of The Cage', in 2018 won the cinematography award for the Melbourne 48 Hour Film Project, and his work has been screened internationally at SXSW and The Geneva International Film Festival. 

Just let us know how we can help.

Underground media is an award winning bespoke video production company based in Melbourne, with a focus on creative industry professionals and emerging artists of all types.


We understand that you want to be doing what you love - dancing, playing music, painting, circus, and not sitting at a computer. That is what we are for.


We can produce videos that will showcase your talents, whether you are a circus performer with an act, or a band wanting a music video, or an actor needing a new showreel piece. We can also provide cinematography, editing, colour grading, and sound for short and feature films.

For our corporate clients, we provide beautiful and original films, commercials, and animations that will set you apart.





Best Cinematography

(music video)

Australian Cinematographer Society




48 Hour Film Project



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